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Who We Are

Headquartered in Southern California, Advanced Computer Consulting is an innovative consulting firm focusing specifically on the issues and services related to databases and the underlying operating systems. Our experts are highly trained in this field and will provide solutions specifically designed to your database issues. Through our partnerships, we have aligned ourselves with the most reliable hardware companies to bring you the best performance solutions, but our services are hardware independent.


Your information is one of the most important assets of your company. It has to be managed in a manner to ensure you company’s business continuity and profitability. Our primary goal is helping your business succeed, while implementing a database system compliant with your business requirements.

Please refer to our Services page for a list of solutions that ACC provides.

What We Do

ACC provides a variety of database consulting services. These services cover a wide spectrum of database existence. Having these services under single umbrella means that the many aspects of the database system can be addressed together, and coherently. When providing any of those services we always ensure that your database system is well-balanced and optimally configured for the current and future projected performance and functionality.

Following our company's approach of Performance Through Innovation, we have successfully implemented numerous innovative solutions where no standard approaches are available. These solutions have helped our customers quickly achieve their business goals.


Providing innovative solutions to establish optimal database performance and functionality.

We use the context of your business to develop and implement solutions necessary to create a well balanced database system, so that it can accommodate the current requirements and grow together with your business. Our goal is to establish your database optimal operational level to support your business growth and continuity.


ACC has been providing services for medium-to-large companies, including Fortune 100 corporations nationwide: our clients' industries range from Medical to Communications, from Entertainment to High Tech. We will gladly provide you with a list of our customers upon your request. Here are the testimonials from some of our clients.

“Over the course of several years ACC provided us with the excellent Remote DBA services. Our company provides telecommunications services and our systems have to be operational 24 / 7. At first ACC helped us to analyze our database installation and provided initial recommendations that improved our systems performance by several times! Later they assisted us with the data migration to the new hardware and database release. During all this time ACC provided outstanding Remote DBA support 24 / 7.”

Jason S., IT Director - Telecommunications company in Los Angeles

“We have been working together with ACC at our various clients in entertainment, financial, medical, telecommunications, government, and other industries. ACC provided excellent services to our customers in database areas including Remote DBA support, Data Migration, Performance Optimization and Tuning, Installation and Configuration. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and ACC has been helping us with our commitment.”

Elaine B., Professional Services Director – Solutions provider company in Orange County

Going Green

We can help you comply with your company's environmental awareness policies through our partnerships with nationwide hardware providers that help you deploy environmentally-efficient solutions.

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